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I’m a Character Animator born and raised in Barcelona.  Some of the projects I’ve  worked on  are: «Playmobil The Movie» ( On Animation Studios), «Amusement Park» ( Paramount Pictures – Ilion Animation Studios ), «Alleycats»  ( Blow Studio ), «Tadeo Jones 2» and «Capture the flag» ( Lightbox Entertainment )


Sobre mi

Soy un Animador nacido en Barcelona. Algunos de los proyectos en los que he tenido la suerte de  trabajar son: «Playmobil The Movie» ( On Animation Studios),  «Amusement Park» ( Paramount Pictures – Ilion Animation Studios ), «Alleycats»  ( Blow Studio ) , «Tadeo Jones 2» y «Atrapa la Bandera» ( Lightbox Entertainment )

Public Demo Reel

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More Animation

A showcase of other animations I made

Cat Jump Animation

Creature animation test. Rig provided by Ianimate

Capture the Flag –  Shot progression

Richard Carson was one of the most interesting characters in the movie, so I was very happy the day I was assigned to animate this shot.
I would like to thank to my Lead Jordi Solanes and the Animation Director Maxi Díaz, for all your help and generosity.
Thanks for watching!!
The following Footage its property of Lightbox Animation Studios.

iAnimate Creature Workshop 1

This is my work from iAnimate Creature Workshop 1. Mentor Johnny Spinelli.


Body Mechanics

Personal Test

Stewart character used with permission (© Animation Mentor 2013). No endorsement of sponsorship by Animation Mentor. Stewart can be downloaded http://www.animationmentor.com/free-maya-rig. – See more at: http://www.animationmentor.com/free-maya-rig/#terms-conditions-summary


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